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PEDSIM is a microscopic pedestrian crowd simulation system. The PEDSIM library allows you to use pedestrian dynamics in your own software. Based on pure C++/STL without additional packages, it runs on virtually every operating system. The PEDSIM Demo Application (Qt) gives you a quick overview of the capabilities, and is a starting point for your own experiments. PEDSIM is suitable for use in crowd simulations (e.g. indoor evacuation simulation, large scale outdoor simulations), where one is interested in output like pedestrian density or evacuation time. The quality of the individual agent's trajectory is high, PEDSIM can be used for creating massive pedestrian crowds in movies. Since libpedsim is easy to use and extend, it is a good starting point for science projects.

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  •  11 Feb 2014 23:53

Release Notes: This version contains mostly small fixes accumulated over time, but notably one big patch. The model is now in line again with the publications by Prof. Helbing and his team.

  •  06 Feb 2012 23:46

Release Notes: The spatial representation of the agents in the scene is now done using a quadtree. This improves performance if there are many agents. It is now also possible to define the scenario of the simulation in a config file. A simple XML syntax defines obstacles/walls, agents, and waypoints.

  •  21 Jan 2012 02:04

Release Notes: The PEDSIM project was separated into a library and a demo application. The library (libpedsim) can now be used to include pedestrian dynamics into any user application. The demo application can be used for small pedestrian studies, and serves as an example about how to use libpedsim.

  •  28 Feb 2004 04:08

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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